10 Jun 2017


Comet Johnson chartAll times are given in UT ‘Universal Time’

Comet C/2015 V2 Johnson is visible in a pair of 10x50 binoculars, and can be found in the constellation of Bootes, and moves south into Virgo on 15 June.

RA 14h 26m 42.2s

DEC +07 13’ 21”.

In addition, comet 289/P Blanpain Mag +20 is at opposition. It lies in the constellation of Ophiuchus just below the planet Saturn.

The Asteroid 1674 Groeneveld (Mag 16.9) Occults the 6.4 Mag star HIP 42516 which can be seen by amateur astronomers in Brazil and Peru. RA 08h 40m Dec -20° 00’ 27.6”

The Apollo class Asteroid 2017 KF3 (Mag 21) flies by the Earth at a distance of about 3 million miles. The Amor class Asteroid 397 Vienna (1894 BM) also flies by the Earth today at a distance of 161,650 million miles.

Today THE MOON lies in the constellation of Sagittarius RA 19h 16m35s Dec -19 06’ 55” Lunation 17.21 days, and is at minimum Libration (Size 5.5°) Position Angle 128° Latitude -03° 14’  Longitude –03 50’.


Today Mercury is visible in the morning sky 5° north of Aldebaran RA 04h 33m 04.2s Dec +21° 23’ 41” Mag -2.0 Diameter 5.38” Phase 0.893

Today Venus is at Aphelion. The planet (Mag -4.4) is also visible in the morning sky. RA 2h 16m 54.7s Dec +10° 58’ 10” Diameter 21.71” Phase 0.540.

Today Mars (Mag +1.7) lies in the constellation Gemini close to the open cluster M35 RA 06h 21m 18.2” Dec +24° 16’ 28” Diameter 3.65”. The planet is visible in the west after sunset.

The Asteroid Ceres was in conjunction with the Sun on 6 June

The Asteroid Juno (Mag +10) lies in the Constellation Scutum RA 18h 57m 16s Dec –04 54’ 11”

Today Jupiter (Mag‒2.2) lies in the constellation of Virgo with the nice double star Gamma-Virginis --- Porrima --- to the upper right. RA 12h 50m 50.2s Dec -03° 56’ 21” Diameter 39.9”

Today Saturn (Mag 0.0) lies in the constellation of Ophiuchus RA 17h 37m 23.6s Dec -21° 58’ 29” Diameter 18.38”

Today Uranus (Mag +5.9) lies close to the star Omicron Piscium RA 01h 42m 47s Dec+10° 02’ 19.3”

Today Neptune (Mag +7.9) lies in the constellation Aquarius (Transit 05h 40m) RA 23h 03m 23.7” Dec -07 01’ 21.3”

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