28 May 2016

Saturn at opposition – Guide to finding Titan


SATURN is the lovely ringed planet of the solar system which is always lovely to see through any telescope, and with the rings now nicely on display it is wonderful sight.

On 3 June SATURN is at OPPOSITION and is presently moving through the 13th sign of the zodiac (Ophiuchus), and can be seen above the bright orange star Antares. From late August until late November it can be seen in the evening sky, and then comes too close to the Sun for observation until late December. Saturn is in conjunction with Mars on 25 August when it will be (4° above). It will then be in conjunction with Venus (3° Ashampoo_Snap_2016.05.28_13h03m03s_001_above) on 30 October. Saturn will then be very low in the SW soon after sunset. Both these occasions will make nice photo opportunities to look forward to.

Remember that as seen through an astronomical telescope Saturn is upside down with its South Pole uppermost and Eastern limb on the left.

You might observe Saturn you may like to look to see the planet’s largest Moon Titan, here is an ephemeris showing all of the Moon’s positions during 2016 which should be a useful guide.


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