6 Aug 2016

Comet Panstarrs X1 is a spectacle in the celestial hare


2016 July 24 18h04m UT, FLI PL16200, ASA 12" f/3.6. LRGB 8/4/4/4 min., Farm Tivoli, Namibia, Remote © 2016 Gerald Rhemann


Despite being rather faint, Mag 12, Panstarrs X1 is putting on a nice show for observers in the southern hemisphere. The comet is in the constellation of Hydra and lies close to the stat Pi Hydrae.

On 14 August the comet can be found at:

RA 14h 19m 52.7s DEC –29 53’ 08”

The above photograph was taken on the night of 24 July 2016 when Panstarrs X1 was in the constellation of Centaurus.

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