3 Nov 2015

Comet C/2013 (Catalina US10)


Ephemeris: Nov 13/14
RA 14h 22.3m
Dec -19º 49'
Mag +5.8

This image of the Mag +6.8 comet was taken on 10 October. I refer to it as ‘The Christmas Comet’ since it will be a lovely sight in the night sky visible from the northern hemisphere over the Christmas season.

© 2015 Gerald Rhemann

Top Image Data: 2015 October 10 18.15 UT, LRGB 12/5/5/5 min., ASA 12"f/3.6 Astrograph, FLI ML 8300, Farm Tivoli,Namibia, Remote.

Bottom image

© 2015 Jose J. Chambo, cometografia.es2013US10_151001_1200

1 Oct 2015
1SSD Field 4X3.2 degrees.
Orientation North top., West right of image.

Discovery Date: October 31, 2013. Magnitude +18.6 mag. Discoverer

R. A. Kowalski (Catalina Sky Survey).

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