28 Nov 2015

Comet US10 Catalina disrupted in solar fly by












mag1Comet Catalina taken on 24 November (Left) of Michael T. Cretacean of Poland. GSO 8" @ f/3.8 reflector & Canon EOS-100D camera (16x30 sec. at ISO 1600) cropped

It shows that some disruption has occurred to the comet’s nucleus during its perihelion passage on 15 November. Catalina now has two tails on show. It will be interesting to see your own images of the comet now that it is begun to make its appearance in the Dawn sky.

Top right: Image of Catalina on 9 November.

It’s magnitude is now +6 and it is expected to grow brighter to Mag +5.5 on 15 January 2016 so binoculars will be needed to show the comet as a nice sight in the dawn sky.

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