4 Dec 2015

Mt Etna Eruption lights up Sicilian sky

Etna-405216Taken on December 3 by Sicilian photographer Marco Restivo, 29, these incredible pictures show Europe's tallest active volcano spitting fire and sending plumes of smoke into the air.

This is the first eruption to reach the surface of Etna's Voragine crater in two years.

Snapper Marco used photo editing software to overlap five images to create one single picture which shows volcano lighting under a cloud of dense smoke.

A-view-of-a-volcanic-eruption-at-Mount-Etna-405221The Italian also created a time-lapse video of the eruption using 60 images which were taken at an altitude of 1,800 metres He said: “The eruption column, which is made up of hot volcanic ash, was very high and powerful and created the phenomena of lightning.

“On Etna you are surrounded by a primeval environment and you can feel the earth alive - it's a really amazing experience.

“People have been fascinated by the size of the eruption and many do not believe it when they see my pictures.”

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