28 Jan 2016

Last chance to see conjunction of Uranus & Vesta

The constellation Pisces is now setting in the west soon as it becomes dark, and this gives star gazers the opportunity to see the planet Uranus and asteroid Vesta together in the sky. They still make a nice photo opportunity for keen photographers despite their relative faintness.
Uranus: RA 01h 03m 47.4s Dec +06° 07’ 27” is the brighter of the two is at Mag 5.9 and shows a small green/bluish disk 3.4 arc seconds in size.  Of course with the aid of photography there is always the chance that you will capture either of the planet’s two moons Miranda & Ariel, below is an ephemeris of their positions.
Vesta: RA 01h 03m 58.9s DEC +00° 13’ 23” is of Mag +8.2
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