16 Jun 2016

Website Changes: Summary

DSC_0554Hello everyone, I trust that you are all fine.

As we head into Summer I thought I would make a few changes to the website to make things a little easier for you. I have introduced a more complete monthly Sky Diary that you can find by clicking on the banner under the page header.

All of our programs are FREE to watch, never miss an update or program, please subscribe with your Email in the box on the upper left. I have also began introducing regular news updates that hopefully are not repeats of what you find elsewhere on Face Book or in Face Book Groups so as to make our website exclusive and original to enhance your enjoyment when you visit us.

Yes you may share our monthly program ‘Astronomy & Space’, Yes you can play our programs in classrooms and at your monthly Astronomical Society meeting(s), and Yes do please share all of our posts with you friends.

Please let me know if you like these changes, or would prefer to see something different; my Email Address is rpearson46@yahoo.com.

Please note that I am not set up to receive voice messages on Face Book, and I do not publish my private telephone number. My Astronomy programs are viewed by over 80,000 people every month and I already receive a lot of messages from all of my viewers; I fear that I would be snowed under with phone calls …

However, it is really nice to hear from all of you, and I will try my best to answer all of your messages as soon as I can.

Best wishes & Clear skies everyone

Richard Pearson F.R.A.S.

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