30 Nov 2016

The astronomy program for December 2016

Running time: 33 minutes

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THE ORION NEBULA is a fine target for astro-photographers, and is known worldwide.

In this program we learn all about the white hot Trapezium stars, Star birth in the nebula, Brown dwarfs, and star so small they are classed as planets. 

You also learn how to use the constellation of Orion as a signpost to nearby constellations this Winter.

YearbookAcknowledgements: The European Southern Observatory, and Hubble Telescope science team for providing further educational items for Richard Pearson’s outreach work.

The bright comet 45P/Honda-Markos-Pajdusa which will be easily visible in binoculars from February 2017 onwards. The star chart shows you where to look for the comet through December 206 to March 2017.

Astronomy & Space is now in its 4th year, and remains a very popular program.

When book publishers Pan McMillan decided not to continue publishing Patrick Moore’s Yearbook of Astronomy, it looked as though the annual book would be lost entirely after 60 years. I am pleased to announce that  after contacting author Brian Jones, and working together, we have found a new publisher to save this splendid book for future generations. This is one legacy left for all of us by Patrick Moore; you to can ensure that Patrick Moore’s Yearbook of Astronomy is safe by buying it when it goes into book shops in 2017.

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